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Why become a Fluent Speaker?


Fluent Speaker:


For how long can I access the course?

1 year after the date of purchase.

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Yes, it is.

No. This is a self-paced course with no exams or certifications.

Practice, which is included in the course, is the most important part. I have been applying this methodology with my private students for over ten years, and the results have been impressive. The only way to get official results is by taking a proficiency exam, but most people will never need one to be able to feel confident enough to communicate fluently.

Ideally, B2 (upper intermediate) on. Then you'll be able to understand the videos and the instructions, and you'll be able to practice with the material provided.

It's not ideal, since here I don't teach basic vocabulary or grammar. The course is aimed at students who want to improve their speaking skills, applying their previous knowledge of the English language.

It depends on what country you're in. In Brazil, for example, you can pay in installments.

Yes, all lessons, as well as the bonus material, are 100% conducted in English

No. The Fluent Speaker course was designed so you can practice with yourself.

Who am I?

I'm not only a teacher of English and Brazilian Portuguese as second languages, but I've also been studying English since I was four years old - having lived in Brazil most of my life. 

I have a degree in Languages and Literature, a graduate degree in Translation Studies, an International Diploma in English Language Teaching, and a Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English, and I also studied in Canada for one year (2022-2023).

I started teaching English in 2001 and, throughout my career, I have helped thousands of students speak more confidently. That's my exact area of expertise: to help adults become more confident and take advantage of all the opportunities that come with being able to truly speak English.

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